A Lovely Tale, a Kickstarter project by Ariel Body, will be a photo book that imaginatively recreates the fairytale of childhood using a combination of photography and computer generated imagery. Ariel is less than $250 away from her goal, with 5 days left to go! Ariel reached her goal, congrats!

The book will contain a collection of photographs that will seek to visualize the essence of a time and place in a relatable and photorealistic way. I will use computer generated imagery in conjunction with photography to blur the boundaries of real and imagined while creating photos that tell an untold but deeply real story.

The series will be accompanied by a selection of short essays that contemplate things related to photography and memory as well a discussion on the use of digital technology to recreate the imagined.

Check out the entire writeup on Kickstarter, and chip in a few bucks to put her over the top.

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Ricky Salsberry is an interactive designer working in Chicago and the editor of The Donut Project. In his spare time he reads/rants about technology, watches hockey, wrecks his bike, and designs some more.