How could all of us create and do what we do without being comfortable doing it? After I moved this weekend, our drastically smaller studio space caused me to rethink my seating situation. I had a typica high-backed swivel chair (which was great, and free) but it wasn’t right for me and the way I work. After a trip to Ikea on Sunday, I came home with the most PERFECT chair ever.

It’s called Rutger (I affectionately call it Edgar…just because it’s goofy…look at those little arm rests!) and it’s the best $60 I’ve spent in a long time. It raises up high so I can draw at a good height (which is why I used to like a good stool) and its littler seat and compact frame allows it tuck right into my desk when not in use. The back rest hits right at the lower back so you have support and can move about. If you’re looking for the perfect hybrid of stool and swivel chair, I couldn’t recommend this puppy enough.

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