This amazing desk was created by the Dublin ad agency, Boys & Girls, for their entry/reception area. After seeing their intriguing boardroom table (topped by legos), Marketing Magazine wrote that in comparison “the reception is small and routine.” When they heard the negative feedback, they decided to bring that same creative touch to their reception desk.

The most fascinating thing about the desk is how it is held up. If you’ve seen it already, you probably thought, like I did, that the balloons were fake and were simply bolted to the ceiling. If you read into it on their site, you’ll see that they’re actually filled with a special helium/hydrogen hybrid gas so that they are indeed floating.

Here’s to hoping they have another boring work space to transform into something crazy.

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Todd Wendorff is a senior at Kent State University working towards his BFA in visual communication design. He believes that everyone should be doing what they love.