When: Friday June 26 from 4-9pm & Saturday June 27 from 11-9pm

Where: at ROOM SERVICE and other locations along the Gordon Square Arts District in the Detroit Shoreway Neighborhood (Cleveland, OH)

The event was created by ROOM SERVICE owner Danielle DeBoe to highlight just how many talented designers are choosing to stay and build their businesses in Cleveland. There are no ‘booths’ or traditional craft/trade show set ups that differentiate the designers’ wares. They are integrated in the same creative, narrative-driven way that RS merchandises their products year round.

The other thing that makes this show different is the diversity of the products being offered. The show features a wide weft of creations from menswear, jewelry, t-shirts, and personal accessories to stationary, photography, screenprints, household goods, furniture and music. These Cleveland-based creators represent all levels of entrepreneurship, from the craft circuit, to etsy shops, to international sales….all people who have chosen to stay and build their business in the 216 as opposed to leaving for bigger cities, something worth celebrating.

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