Homeland Security Warning SystemBetter Signs of Trouble: Sam PottsBetter Signs of Trouble: Paula Scher

The current Homeland Security color-coded terror-threat system is and always has been a complete failure. It offers no explanation as to what the colors mean and how Americans should react to them. As the Homeland Security taskforce is set to review, update or abolish the warning system, The New York Times has asked four graphic designers to offer their take on redesigning the system.

Each of the slides contains the designers’ own thoughts about their solution and is accompanied with audio commentary by Kurt Anderson.

See the solutions and decide – Do we need to redesign this system? Scrap it? Which solutions do you think work the best?

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Ricky Salsberry is an interactive designer working in Chicago and the editor of The Donut Project. In his spare time he reads/rants about technology, watches hockey, wrecks his bike, and designs some more.