I had the pleasure of meeting Jesse Hora and Abby Wynne at the Visitors party and am happy to share that they have a new site up. Together, they make up Make, a design and illustration studio.

We design, illustrate, art direct, draw, cut, paste, think, build, photograph, paint and print. Every projects is an opportunity to make something we are excited about. We like to be involved in every part from brainstorm to production. We enjoy making ideas come to life, making work that blows your mind, making a mess and making friendships along the way. We care about being involved in our community, and running our business thoughtfully and responsibly.

Head over to www.readysetmake.com or follow them on twitter: @ReadySetMAKE . There’s sure to be more awesome work coming out of them soon.

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Ricky Salsberry is an interactive designer working in Chicago and the editor of The Donut Project. In his spare time he reads/rants about technology, watches hockey, wrecks his bike, and designs some more.