This viral* video by Samsung features a young guy who can absolutely hurl a business card. The video shows him knocking soda cans off of tables, breaking balloons in a number of complicated throws, impaling a tomato, tossing cards under doors, and putting out a candle. Some amazing skill.

*Viral meaning not viral at all actually… but instead a lame attempt by Samsung to paste their name on a video that would have otherwise been a standard YouTube phenomenon. I don’t know how watching something completely unrelated to video recording, other than the video recording itself, which is poor quality (I’m sure YouTube compression didn’t help matters), is supposed to make me buy their video cameras? Maybe it’s the Samsung logos on the business cards or blatantly not hiding the cameras used to film this… but it seems to very fake and forced for Samsung to be involved in the way that they are. Great, everything was shot on your camera… but the quality looks average at best. I dunno. Otherwise the video is awesome.

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