An odd coincidence that this is being posted the day Facebook goes public. Rob Sheridan designed the album art for the Social Network, and many other films you may have seen, and I’m pretty floored with how he went about it. He and Trent Reznor, one of the composers for the film, wanted to make the album art similar to the movie but also “wanted to make it weird”.

An early idea I had was to digitally corrupt the images we had from the film, combining a “glitch art” visual aesthetic I’ve always been interested in with a metaphor for digital images shared on Facebook, the corruption they’re susceptible to, and the corruption portrayed in the film. This idea resonated with Trent, so I began experimenting with different ways to destroy the publicity stills Sony had sent me.

Rob went into the source code of each image in a plain text editor, like Text Edit, and copied pasted and deleted code to create the effects seen. By manipulating the code of the images by hand he was paying homage to the hacker mentality at Facebook. Its the perfect marriage of concept and execution.

See more from the Social Network and more of his work.

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