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The Water Bobble, designed by Karim Rashid and produced by Move Collective LLC, is an everyday water bottle with a twist.

Each ‘bobble’ features a carbon filter that allows users fill their bottle with tap water, and enjoy clean, freshly-filtered water. The water bobble was created in an effort to reduce our daily waste of money and resources on bottled water.

Americans alone spend $17 billion every year to slake their thirst for portable water. The costs are not limited to our wallers, either: nearly 1.5 million barrels of oil are used to make plastic water bottles. Most of those bottles are casually discarded. They end up in our landfills, in our oceans, littering our sidewalks.

It’s nice to see a designer like Karim Rashid step in to design something beautiful that people will want to own. The only way environmentally-friendly alternatives can succeed are to offer something that the everyday wasteful monotony doesn’t offer. Many times, great design can be the x-factor. Rashid has made an object that people will want to own.

It’s also nice to see something beautifully designed offered at an ‘everyman’ price – $9.95. Check out the slick www.waterbobble.com for more information, and to order a bobble. Retail stores will begin carrying these March 1.

Water Bobble: Web site

As a sidenote, the web site is very nice, with some beautiful transitions.

What do you think? Would you give up your daily water bottles for an everyday bottle that offers clean water, no matter the source?

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