American Artifact: The Rise of American Rock Poster Art

American Artifact: The Rise of American Rock Poster Art chronicles the rise of American rock poster art since the 1960’s featuring interviews with artists Art Chantry, Derek Hess and many many more. Read about the film and when you can see it at

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Cheap hotdogs and cheap technology

Tonite, a friend IMed me asking for my help applying for a job at Sheetz. She said that the site wouldn’t let her apply and said she needed IE 5.0+ to use the application. Thinking she missed something, I asked for the link to check it out.

Using Safari 4 beta, a browser that scores an unprecedented 100% on the Acid 3 test, making it the world’s most compliant browser, I get this message:

Sheetz IE Clusterfuck warningNow, I thought, OK, Safari 4 is in beta, something isn’t working, also it’s Mac software so maybe it’s anti-Safari. Kent State’s old web mail was clusterfucked in this manner, so I tried Firefox. Same message… and I was mad. After a little poking around, I find that Sheetz recommends you use, and I quote:

This site is best viewed with the latest versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, or Mozilla Firefox; a minimum screen resolution of 1024×768; and a minimum modem connection speed of 56Kbps. It is also recommend that you enable both JavaScript and Cookies in your browser’s settings. Visit the links below to download and install the latest browser of your choice.

Whoever programmed this part of the web site deserves to be kicked in the dick. Netscape Navigator. Click on the link, go ahead, I dare you. That’s right, it doesn’t exist anymore. This is an important part of their web site, one that will be used daily by thousands of people. This is unacceptable.

If whatever software they’ve stolen from the year 2000 works in IE 5.0, then an illiterate monkey could read the code and draw the pages in crayon… I think modern browsers can handle it… and if they can’t? It’s time to upgrade technology. As we’ve mentioned before, Internet Explorer is the devil.

I can only hope (but I suspect I am wrong) that this is an isolated occurance in the hiring world. As Internet Explorer becomes less and less of a player in the browser world, hopefully companies will upgrade their web technology to something invented in this millenium.

BMW vs. Audi

BMW vs Audi

I’m not really big into advertising, but this clever response by BMW (and Juggernaut Advertising) to Audi’s taunting billboard is good stuff. Read the story.
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Mottos to live by

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Tyler Stout



VERY cool graphics from Tyler Stout. Check out more of his great work here.

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Your business card is crap!

This video found while searching for a business card scene from American Psycho that allows embed. Wow.

It’s Spring! (well sort of…)



These gorgeous colored lines are TULIPS! It’s tulip season in the Netherlands, according to the Style-files, and these beautiful pictures make me smile and wish for sunny weather for some growing of my own!

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In keeping with the theme from my last post….



I will find some way to use these (other than for their intended purpose, of course)!