Holga DIY mods


Holga cameras are among the cooler things any human being can own. Its photographs are unmistakable. Make your Holga the coolest Holga on the block with this list of DIYs from Holga, which include skinning your camera in any fabric of your choice, custom lenshoods, pinhole mods and stenciling graphics directly into your photography.

Max Kerning


Hilarious collection of Letters to Live By. Check him out and his fabulous ideals at MaxKerning.com

Pirate Tally

Number of Pirates Killed by Each President

Regardless of your political views, this is chart is pretty awesome. You may not ‘get it’ if you aren’t up on current events.

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Designer Duct Tape

524042Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, check out this designer duct tape!

ADWEEK: Agency Report Cards*


Though I lose more and more faith/interest in the advertising industry with each passing day, I still found this interesting. Adweek just released its Agency Report Cards for 2008, which assesses the performance of 25 of the most influential ad agencies in the US and a few abroad. Obviously 2008 saw many financial failures—which were accounted for—so it’s interesting to see how they do in the other departments. This would certainly help someone looking to work for one of the big dogs.

*I used this Swedish Fish ad because A) I love it, B) there’s a cat in it, and C) the spot illo for this article was stupid

Hemlock 82

Bryan Nash Gill - Hemlock 82Bryan Nash Gill - Hemlock 82 Detailbryan-3jpg

Ashes & Milk has featured a print entitled ‘Hemlock 82’ by Bryan Nash Gill that has me drooling. Bryan used a stump of a tree to create this gorgeous relief print. Read the whole story at Ashes & Milk and buy a print here, only $4,000 each.

Speak Up is shutting up


Speak Up, my favorite design ‘blog’ is closing shop this week. Armin, Bryony and countless authors have made Speak Up arguably the best and most engaging site for graphic designers and it’s sad to see the site go. A&B are still working on their sites Brand New, Quipsologies, Word It, Design Encyclopedia as well as running their own design firm Department of Design all under the umbrella of UnderConsideration. Whew.

Good luck Armin & Bryony! Speak Up will be missed.

A little spring for a dreary day


The work of Lizzie Buckmaster Dove. See more here.

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