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Here’s a fun poster from a design firm in Orlando, Lure Design Inc..  They printed them at the AIGA Miami Pull+Ink workshop held a couple of weeks ago and now you can buy your very own!

Shortcuts to your shortcuts


Need help remembering those shortcuts? Rubbery skins for every mac imaginable available through photojojo. Or you could just remember them by using them on a regular basis. Your pick.

Chris Piascik’s Daily Drawings


I’ve been following Chris Piascik for a while now. His ‘Daily Drawings,’ ranging from color to b&w, characters to current events, are worth checking everyday. Check it

Card Observer


I forgot to post this last week when I found out about it. Card Observer is a great collection of innovative business card designs submitted by designers.

View the growing collection, or submit your card at

Simon Evans


Very cool idea from artist Simon Evans. While I don’t think I could take the time to actually create this on my own, it leaves you wondering how this could work wonders for your closet, coin collection, etc. 

Simon Evans’ current exhibition now showing in NYC at the James Cohan Gallery.

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Christian Faur’s crayon art



Christian Faur makes pictures out of crayons standing on end. Just sick stuff. More images inside.
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Tote Bags


HUGE’s tote bags rock.

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Ten Dollar Drawings


Ten Dollar Drawings is a cool project by Alicia Carrier. You send her $10 and a topic, and she’ll send you back a 5×7 drawing on brown or white paper.

(via Design Crush)